The Key to the Candy Crane

Today’s Tasty Tuesday led us to Brann’s on Leonard.  My appreciation of this fine establishment really took off when my dad got me a gift card to Brann’s a few years ago.  He thought it would be enough for ‘about a meal’, and I used so many coupons the entire family was able to eat there 3 times for $50. None of us has a very dainty appetite so for us, that is pretty good.

We went today and met up with our friends; Good Idea Momma and her kids.  I will say this now and get it out of the way… our service was uncharacteristically slow. Usually, they keep things rolling right along there, which we all know can be a plus when dining with kids. Fortunately, our company was so charming we were distracted from our growling bellies.

This place is, in a word, easy.  The servers are super-kid friendly and there are so many weird interesting things in there the kids are busy for a while just looking around. One of those mannequin things that hangs out of the ceiling seemed to be moving around a little too much, but I wasn’t sure if I was just starving and hallucinating or if later on in the day, someone ended up with half a plastic dude on their table.

This is no place for culinary snobbery. It is good, inexpensive, fun, and basic.  I was a little startled though when I ordered a Sizzling Steak Salad (Hey, when in Rome…) vinegar and oil dressing, and the oil was vegetable oil with an array of vinegar to choose from; white or malt. It was fine. There is so much stuff on their salads you don’t even need dressing. My kids got grilled cheese, but are in a super annoying ‘no crust’ phase (I refuse to let it become permanent) so they didn’t eat about 3/4 of it because it is served on Texas Toast with gigantic crusts.

As it turned out, who needed the crusts? If you’ve been to Brann’s, you know that the kids’ meal comes with tokens for the Skill Crane. It is filled with candy, and you can try until you get one.  Our server was particularly generous with the tokens and we ended up with a huge handful for four kids. The oldest kid there today is not quite four, so had we actually let them use all of their tokens we would still be standing there.  

Another server was kind enough to open the machine with a ‘key’ and scoop out a ton of candy for us to take home.  I can’t tell you what the key looks like, or where it is hidden. Only Good Idea Momma and I know, and we’re sworn to The Brann’s Secrecy. I can tell you though, that if you want a fun, easy, kid pleasing and (usually) quick lunch with the kids, Brann’s is it.



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3 responses to “The Key to the Candy Crane

  1. adventuremom

    I conquer! This is a great place to eat for kids and the food feels home cooked and good.

  2. Deb

    Brann’s is my absolutely favorite restaurant! They are so kid-friendly too, which doesn’t hurt. We go there for every birthday since the kids get their dinner free and adults get a coupon for a free steak to use next visit – it works out well for us since hubby’s b’day is in August so we use his coupon in November when we go for my birthday, then use my coupon when we go for Hannah’s b’day, etc.

    We usually have great service (we go to the one in Grandville most often) and the only time I can think of where the service was horrible, the manager ended up giving us our dinners for free. What awesome customer service!

    Now I’m craving a salad and their awesome yeast rolls… 🙂

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