Breakdance Kid

breakdance kid (freeze) 

Photo by Mike Donk.


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8 responses to “Breakdance Kid

  1. and how old is he?? He looks like he might be all of about 7-8!!

    Great pic, happy WW!
    Ours is up, but we have had breaking news, so it is just a post down from that!!

  2. Wow! Great picture! Happy WW.

  3. Gotta love kids and their amazing ability to make their body to absolutely anything! I love your header, by the way. It´s my first time here. 😀

  4. Is that AP? He has talent!

  5. Cool! I didn’t know people still did break dancing.

  6. Deb

    Wow, that’s impressive for such a little guy! Great photo – so crisp and clear… 🙂 Happy WW!

  7. My goodness! He is good at it… I wish I could do that… LOL

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