Read All About It!

Read ALL about it!I have to admit something embarassing. I started reading really early on in life, and my parents did an excellent job of “Raising A Reader” even before there were clever programs developed to encourage it.  I read my whole life; it was my hobby and a true passion.  I read all through school, and was proud that I was often one of the few students in my literature classes in college who had completed the assingments.

Then I had kids.

I was entirely unable to read without some sort of motivation (such as a nice little tote bag from the library).  If no one was giving me goodies, I wasn’t about to crack a book.

My friend Look, Mom, Look! dragged me out of my slump. She insisted that I read the book, “Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons” by Lorna Landvik.

Then she insisted that I join her book club. Not a pushy person by nature; but she is one who knows when a friend needs a little shove.

I LOVE book club! We have met about every 6 weeks for the past few years to discuss a book. We also discuss a whole lot of other things, and whoever isn’t pregnant (we’re a pretty prolific bunch, as it turns out) at the time enjoys a few glasses of wine. All of us, especially the pregnant ones, enjoy more than a few tasty treats.

She’s the decider, and she decides what’s best. She keeps us on track when our discussions wander. At times, she even sets down her glass and says, “I’m going to get a snack. When I return, we will get back to the book!”  She dresses as a character from the book whenever appropriate possible.

This is my recommendation for Sanctuary Sunday – join a book club.  You can either form one with your friends, or join one that already exists.  Find one that matches your tastes in literature, but don’t be afraid to try something new.  Ask at your local branch of the library for book clubs, or check out Schuler Books, Barnes and Noble or another book store near you to see if there are any clubs you would be interested. You will be so glad you did!



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2 responses to “Read All About It!

  1. I am so glad you like book club!! Sometimes, I wonder if I should have called it book “flub” because sometimes the books are a little kookie. I like it because I too am an avid reader and a lifetime learner. It helps me to set time aside for what I like to do. It’s my escape and I am happy that I have such great friends to join me.

  2. cleaver mama

    I love our book club, because they are books I never would have found without our fearless literary leader.

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