The New Fall Lineup

The Magic of the Family Meal (Time Magazine)After spending thousands of dollars on a blog consultant and pouring over readership statistics, I have made an important, well informed decision.

OK I just thought it would work better; but that doesn’t sound quite as good.

I am keeping the content the same, but combining it so I can cram more stuff into my Binder.  Also, A.P. will be in preschool soon and I need to make some adjustments for that.

Here is the new lineup:

Monday – “Menu Plan Monday”. This will include a 5 day menu plan with recipes. I am a big fan of freezer recipes, so I will frequently include recipes that double and freeze well. The less time you spen in the kitchen, the more time you can hang out with your kids.

Also, I have my kids help me whenever possible, so be on the lookout for kid steps. I will plug local products and ingredients shamelessly, so watch out.

Tuesday will remain “Tasty Tuesday”.

Wednesday will become “Wordless Wednesday”.  I will post a picture of a child related activity in Grand Rapids.  When the days get colder and we don’t feel like going out every day; sometimes it is nice just to look 🙂

I stink at being wordless, so we will see how this goes.  This may be the first player to get cut from the team but I am going to try it for now.

Thursday will become the new Wednesday.  The list of events for the next week will be here; cleverly entitled, “Things to Do Thursday”.

Friday will remain “Feature Friday”.

Saturday will become “Something to Make Saturday”.

Sunday will remain “Sanctuary Sunday”. 

“Breaking News” will remain the same.

“Freebies” will become a ‘day-less’ category because, who can wait a whole week for a freebie?

I will add a “Contests” category. For now it will still be contests going on around town.  I am working on getting a contest of my very own, so stay tuned!



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4 responses to “The New Fall Lineup

  1. Love the new line-up! Can’t wait to see the contest category though…..I love waiting to see if I’ll win something good 🙂

  2. cleaver mama

    you are the bomb!

  3. thediaperdiaries

    I am waiting with baited breath

  4. Hmmm…I know that you have been hinting that I need a schedule. I am feeling the pull from all of you to become more “planned” on my blog. I am excited about the recipes. I was going to send my family over to your house when I am working for some home made food. Maybe now I can just make it ahead.

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