Locally Grown.. Cookies?

Farmers MarketAs you know, this week we made piggy banks out of recycled milk jugs.  Each time A.P. and Maybelle were able to ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ they got a quarter (which they both call pennies, but that’s OK) to put in their pigs.

Today was the day to cash in their earnings.  They did quite well, as we were pretty generous with the ‘pennies’.  Each time they put something in the recycling bin they earned some cash. I would say the two biggest breakthrough moments were when A.P. said to me, “Recycling is kinda like reusing”.  Yes, yes!! Also, in the reduce category, they finally stopped using gallons of water each time they wash their tiny hands because now, it’s worth something.  I will freely admit that I use bribery as a discipline tool sometimes. This time, it worked.

We took our earnings to the Friday Feature for the day, the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market.  I LOVE the farmer’s market, espeically this time of year. It is so cool to meet the people who grew and picked the food I am going to eat. I base purchasing decisions on their friendliness rather than price.

For example, I am obsessed with committed to buying local honey. I use a lot of it, so I think it is important that the beekeeper be friendly. Happy bees make the best honey. My ‘honey guy’ is at the Market and I stop by and say hi even if I don’t need to buy any that day. Most times my kids get a honey stick for free.

Admittedly, this has some pitfalls. When A.P. was finished with his honey stick today, he noticed my sunglasses were dirty and cleaned them. With his tongue.

This market is truly a local treasure. If you are going with the kids (they will LOVE it!!) I would recommend going on a Friday. Most of the vendors are there, but it is not as crowded as it is on Saturday.

For more information on the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market, click here.  They also have a coffee and hot dog (which cracks me up for some reason) vendor in case you have those needs during your trip.

So back to the piggy bank. The kids were allowed free reign over what they bought.  Despite my best efforts to get them to buy pattypan squash (“look guys, they’re so cute”) they pooled their cash and split a four pack of Amish cookies. Being too young for anything but generosity, Mr. Binder and I were each given one. I must say, it was a fine choice. Maybe even better than the pattypans…


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  1. cleaver mama

    Honey & saliva. Wow!

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