Lunch With an Earth Goddess (Oh Yeah, and My Kids)

GaiaIn case your Humanities 102 “Ancient Gods and Goddesses of Greece” class is itself ancient history, I will just take a second to remind you that Gaia was the Earth Goddess.

A.P. and Maybelle looked at me blankly today when I tried to give them this fact today. Fortunately, they were fairly hungry and agreed to go into Gaia Cafe regardless of its namesake’s origins.

This restaurant made me feel like, well, college. It was relaxed and calm, and very cool. There is interesting art on the walls but it is not, for one second, pretentious.

We went at about 11:30 today, and they still had a couple of breakfast items on the menu.  I got the Cuban eggs, which is two eggs, black beans, rice, green salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, scallions, and sour cream on a gigantic tortilla.  The kids ordered grilled cheese sandwiches and a side of pan fried potatoes. 

No one in my family is a very quiet, it is just our nature that we are a little bit on the loud side. When we are together, it can be quite loud. We were uncharacteristically quiet during this meal, even Maybelle. It was just plain delicious enough to shut us up.

When my dish was served, I thought it was huge and I would never finish it. About 16 minutes later, all that was left was a tiny piece of lettuce floating around in some tomatillo salsa.

Our server was super nice too.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant to take kids to. The service is good, and fast enough that they don’t get fidgety. The food is awesome, and the atmosphere is relaxing. 

We will definitely be paying another visit to Gaia Cafe, the breakfast menu looks awesome and I really want to try the grilled mushroom sandwich too.

Gaia Cafe does not have a website, but the address is 209 Diamond SE and the phone number is 454-6233. It is closed Mondays, and open Tuesday through Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 3pm.  Thumbs up for the Earth Goddess!



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4 responses to “Lunch With an Earth Goddess (Oh Yeah, and My Kids)

  1. I LOVE Gaia! Their cornbread french toast is THE BEST! Most evenings they have a special that changes daily, weekly, and it’s never the same. It just depends on what they have in the kitchen. We usually go for breakfast, but have had dinner there many times. In the same realm diagnally accross the street is Marie Catribe’s…..they have great food, and thier PBJ can be crustless if the kids don’t eat them. You should review them some day! If you want company let me know 🙂

  2. I really want to go to Marie Catribes. Let me know when either of you are going. Maybe even without the kiddos sometime.

  3. adventuremom

    i LOVE Gaia House. Their chai is too die for.

  4. cleaver mama

    I think i am GR dumb. I have lived here all my life and had no idea either place existed. Someone please come pick me up and bring someplace fun and new. Can I be one of your kids for a day?

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