Who, Me(me)?

Well! I am finally gaining recognition as a blogger. I know this has happened, because I have been ‘tagged’ by Look, Mom, Look! with a Marriage Meme.  This is sort of a game bloggers play with each other.  Since this one fits perfectly into my suggestion for today, I decided to join in on the fun.

So here it is; 8 things about my marriage:

  1. We met at a Cinco de Mayo party. I was trying to set my friend Stan up with my friend Laura.  We went with our friends Mary and Charlie.  There was something in the air (or the punch) that night. In addition to this being the start of our relationship, Stan and Laura are now married, with two children. Mary and Charlie are now married with one child. One other couple that attended that party is also married, with one child. There were only 12 people at the party total.
  2. We got engaged 11 months after we met. We were in Maui. I was eating Cheeze Kurls and had to lick my fingers when I realized what was happening so I didn’t get the ring dirty.
  3. We were only engaged for 6 months. Our rehersal dinner was at a park pavilion. We got married in a church but had our reception at a summer camp.  We both like to be outside. A lot.
  4. We went on our honeymoon in Key West. We rented a beach house that is owned by the Johnsons (of Johnson & Johnson).  It had a private beach and if you squinted, you could just about see Cuba.
  5. We knew we wanted to have kids, and had heard it took ‘about a year’ for most couples. We made career and school plans based on this timeframe. I got pregnant 6 weeks after we got married.
  6. Mr Binder gave me a tennis bracelet with sapphires in it. For each major milestone, I get a diamond added. We are up to three – two children and a master’s degree. 
  7. When we met, we though it was incredible that two people could be so much alike. Now, we have no idea what we were thinking then.
  8. He is truly my best friend and keeps me grounded.

So that’s it! I hereby tag eastowners for the Marriage Meme. If anyone else would like to participate please leave a comment, who doesn’t like hearing about this stuff??
As today is Sunday, I have a ‘Sanctuary Sunday’ that is a simple suggestion we have all heard before.  It is sometimes ridiculously hard to implement, but so worth it.  Having a regular date night with your spouse can really give you a chance to reconnect.  

My tips for making it happen are:

  • As obvious as it sounds – plan for it.  Talk about it and decide who will do what (make reservations, get a sitter) ahead of time.
  • Swap babysitting with another couple. This will keep you accountable, because you will want to ‘cash in’ on your turn to go out. It also keeps costs down so you can spend more on yourselves 🙂

We like to eat out (no kidding). My three favorite places for date night are San Chez, Restaurant Marco, and the Heritage.

Anyone else have suggestions for a nice date night, either making it happen or a good place to go, leave a comment!


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4 responses to “Who, Me(me)?

  1. thediaperdiaries

    My suggestion is to subscribe to the Grand Rapids Magazine and use their 2 for one coupons. The hubby and I went on a great date to Bar Divani which is a bit on the expensive side. His $25 entree was free.

    Also many restaurants will put you in their mailing list when you fill out whatever card is in the bill. We did that at Leo’s and now every few months we get a coupon for buy 1, get one entree free.

    Incidentally, I went on just such a date last night to a movie. We had not been to a movie together since 1982 (not really, we didn’t know each other then) so we were excited. I proceeded to get motion sick from the crazy camera action and spend the movie reclined in the car. I was so sick we couldn’t even enjoy the “when we get home” portion of our date. Sad, sad date.

  2. We enjoy going out to The Melting Pot for date night once in a while. It’s a little expensive, but if you sign up on line you get free chocolate fondue for dessert, and they e-mail you coupons for your birthday too. Then after were are stuffed to the gills, and if theres a good movie out we’ll just stagger up to the movies.

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