I’m Voting for Pedro Sanchez, Who Do You Think?

He's nothing like Napoleon, and he's certainly not dynamite. Before I get into the fun stuff we can do next week, I want to do my civic (And if I am not civic, I don’t know what I am.) duty and remind you all to vote on Tuesday, August 7.  I’ve arranged for everyone to get a special, “I Voted!” sticker if you mention that you saw this on Big Binder.

OK they would do it anyway, but you still should go.  If you need a recap of the elections and ballot issues, AccessKent has a listing. 

With that out of the way, onto the fun!

6 Monday:

Through the 11th Kent County Youth Fair, Lowell Fairgrounds.

Through 8th Scholastic Warehouse Sale, 8280 Broadmoor SE, Caledonia.

6:60PM West Michigan Whitecaps.  Bring a church bulletin to the ticket office and receive half off the price of box and reserved seats. Sponsored by JQ99. Limit 8 tickets per customer.

7 Tuesday:

10:00 AM WMAES Preschool Program “Bug Buddies”,  4463 Leonard Ave. NW. Free.

Through Sunday 11th.  Coopersville Summerfest.

7:00 PM Summer Concert Series. John Collins Park. Free.

8 Wednesday:

10:00 AM WMAES Preschool Program “Toadally Cool Frogs”,  4463 Leonard Ave. NW.Free.

9 Thursday:

10:00 AM Blandford Story Hour.  Blandford Nature Center, 1715 Hillburn NW. $2.00 per child.

Have a great week!  Look for “National Night Out” activities in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors!





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2 responses to “I’m Voting for Pedro Sanchez, Who Do You Think?

  1. Thank you so much for the reference to Pedro! I needed a laugh today, my lips are really chapped.

  2. cleaver mama

    Oh my goodness do you keep changing the picture. I laugh out loud every time I see this!

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