A Turtle’s Gotta Eat

Today we went to the WMAES Preschool Program, “Life In a Dead Log”.  First the kids fed the chickens with weeds from the garden, then found and picked up all kinds of bugs, slugs, and worms from under dead logs in the woods.  At the end of the program, Miss Holly took us back to her classroom where each kid had the opportunity (which Maybelle did NOT take – she screamed at the suggestion of picking up a worm) to feed the goodies to Zeke, the turtle. 

It was a great morning, made even more fun because our friends, Look, Mom, Look! and her kids, Gret, Zack, and Anson were there too. 

From there we went to Marinades Pizza Bistro.  It is one of those wood fired pizza places. Mmmmm… wood fired pizza.  We got an order of cheezy sticks with dill sauce (coupon for a free one is on their website), which took me back to the good old days of Hobbit Stix when I lived near a Bilbo’s Pizza.  We also each got a pizza. They had some really good sounding specialties, but I wasn’t sure if pine nuts and goat cheese would go over too well with Maybelle and A.P. so we stuck with pepperoni. It was really good, and I’m sure we will return if the owners will have us. 

With five kids under the age of four who all know each other very well, it can get pretty loud and chaotic. We were thankful that for most of the time, we were the only ones in there.

As I write this, it is occurring to me that I never stopped to wash the kids’ hands before lunch.  Gross. Oh well, I’m sure worm dirt is not the worst thing they have ever eaten. I’m sure Look, Mom, Look! stopped on the way there to sanitize her kids’ hands with some organic tea tree oil solution she made, but hey. Tasty Tuesday is all about trying new things, right?



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4 responses to “A Turtle’s Gotta Eat

  1. goodideamomma

    Oh, I miss those yummy hobbit stix! Where is this fun place?

  2. yes, the hobbit stix…yumm. I forgot my gallons of natural disinfectant at home, so my kids ate a little dirt as well. I thought about that after we got home and I realized the kids were a “little grey” with dirt. Oh well, it only makes them stronger, right?

  3. “Where is this fun place?”

    We went to this one:
    2844 Lake Michigan Drive
    but there is also one in Rockford and Jenison. The breadsticks were free as long as you had a coupon (printed from the website) and bought I think a 10 inch pizza.

  4. YUMMM!!!!! I so loved the hobbit stix from Bilbo’s in K-zoo. I think it was a staple for Sunday night dinner when I was at Western. I’ll have to check this place out!

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