Same Old Routine

Last week, A.P. was at Vacation Bible School.  We had to be there at 9:00 AM.  In just a few short months, I have completely forgotten how to get myself and two kids ready to get out the door before about 10:00 AM.  By Friday, I finally had it together but by then VBS was over.

School starts again in a month. I want to be ready to roll in the mornings, so my Make it Monday project is a Visual Schedule for the kids.  We are pretty good about setting everything out the night before; it’s the moving-it-along in the morning that we have a problem with.

I found some rather wordy instructions here, but I will just list the highlights.

The idea is that a routine helps kids know what to expect and transition more easily along to whatever task needs to be completed next.

Since neither of my kids can really read yet, we will use pictures.

These are the materials we will use:

  • pictures of the tasks to be completed
  • glue
  • velcro
  • contact paper
  • poster board
  • white paper

This is how we are going to assemble it:

  1. First, take pictures of the tasks to be completed. Some of the tips for pictures are to make sure it is ONLY of what the task involves. For example, if “going to the potty” (or “toileting”, Good Idea Mama) is the task, make sure the picture only has a toilet in it; not the bathtub or they might think it is bath time.Each picture should be the same size.
  2. Glue the picture to the white paper to make a consistent background for each picture. Write a brief (one or two words) description of the activity.
  3. Cover the picture with contact paper.
  4. Put a piece of velcro on the back of the picture.
  5. Arrange the other side of the velcro pieces on the poster board so they are evenly spaced.  You can arrange it horizontally (top to bottom) or vertically (left to right). 

We are going to use velcro in case we need to change the order of the routine, or add or take away steps. You also have the option to remove each task as it is completed, if you choose.

One month and counting; let’s hope this works well! If anyone has done a project like this please leave a comment with your experience.



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3 responses to “Same Old Routine

  1. Momof3

    During the school year, mornings can be a very stressful time for us (I am NOT a morning person.), so a routine is essential for a good start to the day. My school age kids and I refer to their night before prep as their “launch pad” –that is, everything they will need to take off for the next day has to be ready and waiting. Their clothes for the next day are laid out and backpacks including snacks, homework, folders, lunch money etc. must be sitting by the back door. This also includes shoe choice for my little shoe diva and hats and gloves in the winter for my son who misplaces everything. Although we do not have a visual picture of this system, they have learned it well and we simply say “Take care of your launch pad” and they have it. It’s all about routines!

  2. You’ll have to let me know how this goes….I won’t need to so much for mornings this year, but next year will be a struggle when 1st grade comes and I haven’t EVER done mornings! We’ll so be late for school all the time 🙂

  3. thediaperdiaries

    I have been planning to do this for some time for our nighttime routine. Just this morning I thought about how I should do it for morning too now that school is starting. Great minds think alike!

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