Meet Me At The Movies

The Movie (1996)

I am glad my kids are finally (kind of) at the age that they can sit through a movie. I say kind of because it depends on these things, listed in order of importance; the movie, the last nap taken, the quality of snacks, and the quantity of snacks.

I prefer going to the movies as a family because then my husband can make trips to the potty and popcorn refill runs without me having to drag everything and everyone out of the theater and into the lobby just long enough for my eyes to adjust to the light, thus making it impossible to find the same seat I was sitting in 3 minutes before when I return to the theater.

Fortunately, Celebration Cinemas offers a great discount on evening movies. Studio 28  has one Sunday and Tuesday night, and Celebration Cinema South has discounted movies on Sunday night.

My friend Adventure Mom just reviewed Ratatouille, and gave it a thumbs up. This is good news, because this Sunday night you can see Ratatouille for $2.94 at 6:05PM, 7:50PM, or 8:50PM at Studio 28.  Also, you can see it on Tuesday night at the same times for $3.00. 

Celebration Cinema South has Ratatouille this Sunday for $2.97 at 6:40PM and 9:30PM. The small difference in price has to do with which radio station is co-sponsoring it.

That makes it official; the discount movie is officially today’s Grand Rapids Great Deal. The concessions, on the other hand, are another story…


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  1. Dan

    Don’t forget Tues. 7:00 collins park in EGR they will be showing Shrek for free. Grab a blanket and pack a picnic.

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