You Can DO It!

Kids reading at Wayne County Public Library

Regular Big Binder readers are already well aware of the fact that if the library had a fan club, I would run for president.

Not just for the amazing resources you have at your disposal for taking a minute to get a library card, but for their community programs too. I love knowing that thousands of other people in Kent County are reading the same book at the same time during “Read Along The River”.  It’s just so… cozy. I love filling out my reading log for the adult reading program, although I was happy they switched the prizes last year because I am about library tote-bagged out.

During the summer, there is a children’s reading program. This year it is “Get A Clue! At The Library”.  The way it works is that your child commits to reading a certain number of books, or for a specific amount of time. When we signed up, we got a pen/magnifying glass combo.

Earlier this week, the kids completed their reading logs and “cashed in”.  Both KDL and GRPL have the same program, but different rewards for completion.  We signed up at a GRPL branch. If anyone has done KDL please comment and let everyone know!

Maybelle and A.P. each recieved:

  • A “Get A Clue!” t-shirt
  • A coupon for a Coldstone ice cream (which we already used)
  • A coupon for a lunch at Subway (yup, used that too)
  • A coupon for a lunch at Q-doba (guess where we’re eating tomorrow?)
  • A coupon for a kid’s meal at Ponderosa (Where in the world is Ponderosa?)
  • A coupon for a personal pizza at Pizza Hut
  • A coupon for a free admission at Dutch Village
  • A coupon for Berlin Raceway (which Mr. Binder is very excited about)
  • A certificate of completion

The program ends August 4th. You still have plenty of time! If you go sign up today, that gives you 10 days.  If you commit to 25 books, think of how much your kids will love getting through that pile of books with you! You both will enjoy all the goodies.

So get going! You have some reading to do!



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4 responses to “You Can DO It!

  1. I don’t know if it’s still open but there used to be a Ponderosa up on Alpine South of 131. It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve been….but that’s where I last saw one. If I weren’t so wrapped up in my brothers wedding next week/weekend I’d so sign C up…..ah well, always next summer 🙂

  2. I have both the boys signed up! We are reading away over here! Can’t wait to get the goodies!

  3. cleaver mama

    Do the kids have to have their own library cards?

  4. No, you can use yours. I tried to get one for A.P. and the librarian very gently suggested that I wait and give it to him for his birthday when he turns 4.

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