OK I Admit It..

I stay home once in a while. This blog would make it seem like I am out and about all the time, every day, and while that is usually true… we do actually have ‘at home’ days. I’m not a huge TV person for myself or my kids, so I try to provide good activities and good toys for them to play with.

Look Mom, Look introduced me to ebeanstalk, and I really liked what I saw. You can shop for single toys, or by a ‘series’. No, it is not a local company but I personally prefer shopping online than dragging A.P. and Maybelle out of the toy store when it is time to go. My children do not cry at that point, they howl. It’s ugly.

Anyway… so the very friendly folks at ebeanstalk have offered, you, yes YOU, a Big Binder reader a 10% discount off of your order.  The discount code you will need is: ebean10%.

This is particularly helpful to me, because as those of you who know me personally know that my husband and I were remarkably un-creative in the baby department and our kids are two years apart almost to the day, so we have two birthdays to contend with at once.

So happy shopping, no howling, and enjoy the discount!



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2 responses to “OK I Admit It..

  1. These people are my new best friend because they send me cool stuff to try. Go there and shop! Spend some money for me because I am now on a budget thanks to Big Binder and her henchmen, Good Idea Momma and Cleaver mama. Yippee!

  2. thediaperdiaries

    I too use E-beanstalk and think they are fabulous!!!

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