But how do they MAKE pizza?

mpj040648200001.jpgUgh. I am so sick of this question! I don’t know what A.P.’s hang up is with making pizza, but for the past three months I have answered this question about a thousand times.  I even tried making one at home with him, but our oven just match up with the ‘pizza oven’ I had described over and over and over so that didn’t satisfy him.

I think I may have found the solution.  Last night, we went to Pietro’s Back Door Pizzeria.  On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, kids can MAKE THEIR OWN PIZZA. You tell the server what toppings and then they bring the dough right on a pizza pan.

There is a little dish of sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you ordered. The kids make the pizza right there at the table, then the server takes it away, “to the big, big, BIG oven, right Mom?” and brings it back in just a few minutes along with the food for the adults so you can all eat together.

It is perfect, the kids are so much more into it when they do it themselves. Maybelle did eat all of her olives right away rather than put them on her pizza, and A.P. put his sauce on last so it was on top of everything, but they both loved their ‘creations’.  Here is the best part: it’s cheap! It is $1.99 for the pizza and $0.30 per topping. That beats getting the usual chicken tenders/french fry combo any day.  I don’t know how long this has been going on, or how long it will last, but I want to do it again! Finally, an answer to the age old “But how do they make pizza?” question…



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5 responses to “But how do they MAKE pizza?

  1. cleaver mama

    lets set a date!

  2. French mama

    Thanks for all the fabulous tips to our town. I love getting my updates from your blog! We took “blonde-boy” to Uno’s pizzeria a few months ago and they do the same “make your own kid pizza” deal. But I don’t think the price was as good as yours. I’m in for whenever you and Cleaver mama want to go. 🙂

  3. Okay French Mama! I am on to you girl! Don’t forget the Dutchies over here! This is an awesome find! Can I use anymore exclamation points!!!! Can’t you see how excited I am?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this pizza!!!!!!! I don’t even care how they make it, I just like to eat it.

  4. What a fabulous find! We’ll so have to take Clare there some night to do that, as it’s right up there with her cravings for creativity & food. We so should have lunch some time with all our kids making pizza…..it’d drive the servers crazy!

  5. thediaperdiaries

    We are heading there right now!!!

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