Meet Me at the Library


The movie “Good Will Hunting” (remember that one?) has one of my favorite quotes in it. Will is talking to Mr. Harvard Fancy Pants, and tells him, “you dropped a hundred and fifty grand on an education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library”.

I have been a library geek my entire life, and I am determined to pass this legacy to my children. We are at the library at least once a week and I am in the elite group of people who knows their library card number by heart.  A.P. is getting a library card for his birthday.  Maybe calling myself ‘library geek’ is an understatement.

The library has come a long way since I was a kid. I am old enough to remember getting paper cuts from the card catalog while looking for a book I wanted.  Now, I can just go online, browse around, and have whatever I choose delivered to my local branch.

There are two library systems in Grand Rapids.  Grand Rapids Public Library, and Kent District Library.  They are both part of the Lakeland Library Cooperative, which means that you can check books out from any of the 79 libraries in the Cooperative provided you have a card from either KDL or GRPL.

Here is how it’s done:

In either library website, click on ‘catalog’ or ‘catalog search’.  Look for a book, movie, etc you are interested in checking out.

They both go to LakeNet Online Catalog. DON’T select your local branch yet, leave it at “all locations”.

Once you locate your item, click “Place A Hold” (at the top of the page).

The next screen will ask you to enter your barcode. This is the number on your library card.

Your PIN is often the last four digits of your phone number (or the phone number you had when you signed up for your card).  If you have ‘pin’ problems, you will have to visit a branch to have it reset, but you should only need to do this once.

From the dropdown box on that page, select the location where you would like the item delivered. You will get a phone call when it is ready for you to pick up. You can also sign up for email alerts if you choose.

The fact that you can get music, books, and movies for free delivered to a convenient location is awesome. Try it!

I dedicate this post to my sister in law, who has made me very proud by just learning how to do this on Sunday and has already placed her entire limit of items on hold. 🙂


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  1. I’m with you on this one, sista! I absolutely love the fact that the magic library system will “fetch” the books that I want and I can just go and pick them up without having to ask my children to be patient yet again as I try to locate my choices. Mind you, I still go to the library with the girls for storytimes and when they want to pick out their choices since they are not allowed near the computer and that they can’t actually read yet. This is a great tip that our community should know about and thanks for sharing!

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