I’m Thinking about Bono


Does anyone remember that U2 song, “All Along the Watchtower”?  The first line is, “Charles Manson stole this from the Beatles, and now I’m stealing it back”.

Well, The Diaper Diaries stole borrowed this idea from me and now I’m stealing borrowing it back. 

Sanctuary Sunday will offer a suggestion for something to do without kids. We all need to take a break once in a while.

I grew up near Lansing, and there was a very fancy salon called Douglas J.  It was very expensive. I never went.

Mr. J then went on to open an Aveda training institute and let his students practice on customers. In return, the prices were significantly lower than the ‘real’ salon. 

j0406790.jpgFortunately, Douglas J has opened an Aveda training institute here in Grand Rapids.  I wish I could transmit the experience to you via blog, but you’ll have to go for yourself.  It is a full service salon at Fantastic (as in, Sams) prices.  I got a haircut for $15 and the other services are priced equally as low. They also have a strict no tipping policy.

Plan on a long visit, as you will have a student perform the service and then an instructor will check it out and this process takes a while. But since people are fussing over you and it smells like Aveda products in there, who cares?

*bonus savings alert* 

Look around town for a copy of the June “Natural Awakenings” magazine.  It’s one of those free ones. They have a $10 off Douglas J coupon good through December, 2007.

Note to The Diaper Diaries… all in good fun, my friend.  Cheers. 🙂



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2 responses to “I’m Thinking about Bono

  1. thediaperdiaries

    All’s fair in love and…blogging.

  2. I am going to try this. I have a love affair with Aveda products. Unfortunately, it is an unrequited love. As it is so dang expensive…but I am hoping to get my Aveda fix soon at this place. I am on the cheap right now. I even thinned my own hair today. It looked like a shit-zu died in our bathroom sink by the time I was done.

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