I want to ride my bike!!!

j0407555.jpgThis was the first thing I heard after A.P. woke up this morning.  He must have been dreaming about bikes. Both he and my husband have were born with a serious passion for bikes.  My husband rode his bike to kindergarten (no training wheels!) and my son can ride for miles and miles already at his young age.

We ate breakfast, got dressed, got Maybelle ready to go in the stroller to head out for a bike ride.  The second we opened the door, it started downpouring.  We have been rained on a lot lately…

Although A.P. was disappointed, I consoled him by taking him swimming at the YMCA.  My kids absolutely love the pool at the downtown location; it has a ‘beach entry’ meaning that you can walk in from the edge rather than using steps or a ladder.  There are buckets, fountains, sprinklers, and a toys. 

We are really fortunate to have a membership at the Y.  We can go to any location in Grand Rapids with our membership, and they all have free childcare for members so we can work out too.

The childcare workers are great, particularly at the Belmont location.  When Maybelle was in a ‘pushing over babies’ phase, they just put her up in a highchair and gave her Cheerios. Everyone was happy. Everyone except me upon hearing that my sweet little girl was picking on kids not her own size, but that is not the Y’s fault now is it?

They offer different classes, such as swimming and sports for the kids at a very reasonable price.  A family membership is $93 a month which is very competitive with the other gyms in the area since it includes babysitting and allows for visits at several locations.  They also have financial assistance for families with incomes of less than $50,000.  It varies based on the actual income and expenses.

So… the Grand Rapids Great Deal for this Saturday is the YMCA.  No, it’s not a bike ride, but it’s still a great deal.


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