Testing, One Two Three

j0409621.jpgDoes everyone know about Innovative Consumer Research? If you don’t, you probably should!  It is a food and product testing company that pays it’s panelists about $20 per test and they take about 45 minutes.

You have to have a Panelist ID to sign up for tests.  I was in today with Maybelle (the bulk of what they do is baby/toddler food testing) and they are currently recruiting panelists that are 40-75 years old.  They are also continuing to recruit panelists in the 0-3 age group.

Call 1-800-991-3388 for a packet. Once you receive it, there are instructions for getting a panelist ID and more information about how the program works.

We put the money in a bank account for A.P. and Maybelle and at times, they have more money than we do!

It’s a great program and it’s good to hear they are adding other age groups to their consumer tests.


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  1. thediaperdiaries

    You are such a better mom than me that you put the money you earn in an account for your kids. We just use ours to buy groceries and occasionally alcohol.

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