I am one donut-eating Dawg

 I love Krispy Kreeme.  Long before a store opened up in Grand Rapids, I went to the University of Georgia in Athens and could barely help myself from stopping whenever I saw that “Hot Light” in the local store.

I am acting on a tip from my friend Chris who told me about a Kids Day at Krispy Kreeme that runs every Saturday through the end of July.  They have free activities for kids. 

It’s not on the website, but I called (616) 464-1630 and found out that it is from 11-1 and they will have the ‘icer’ set out.  This is a huge vat of chocolate that kids can dip a donut in; and they they can put sprinkles on it.  There will also be a coloring contest with first, second and third prizes.  They will have balloons and those paper hats as well.

If you need help justifying a trip to buy donuts, jump on the fiber bandwagon (one wagon that I will be careful NOT to stand behind ) with The Diaper Diaries. Both the Apple Fritters and the Whole Wheat Glazed have 2 whole grams of fiber!

We’ll just forget about the rest of the stuff in them for now. I can’t wait! See you all Saturday!


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One response to “I am one donut-eating Dawg

  1. thediaperdiaries

    Wouldn’t it be great if Krispy Kremes were an anti-gas food. They could be the antidote to my Fiber One bars!! Then I could justify eating as much as I wanted.

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