A Great Day at Bombay

india1.jpgOn Tuesdays I will write about a ‘dining out’ experience with my two children.  I have issues.  Now would be a good time to illuminate one of them.  A big issue for me is a comment I hear frequently, “There is no diversity in Grand Rapids”.  I refuse to buy into this, and one way I can fight this misconception is by raising two children who really know the town they are growing up in.  Most Tuesdays I take my almost 4 year old, A.P., and almost 2 year old Maybelle out to lunch.  I have been blessed with two children who have good appetites, aren’t overly picky, and behave themselves (for the most part) in restaurants.  Jealous? Don’t be.  Apparently the trade off for this is that they are also what is known as ‘runners’.  No, they do not wake up at dawn and lace up their little New Balance shoes and go for a morning jog; they are the kids you see breaking away from the pack and taking off across the playground (or field, or meadow, or mall, or in one very scary instance; the street).  I can empathize with Lookmomlook in her recent post about her kids running off http://lookmomlook.wordpress.com/tag/adventures-with-3-kids/, unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence for me.

Fortunately, my children find eating fascinating enough to stay put. We recently ate at Bombay Cuisine and loved it.  We went at around noon and it was busy but not crowded.  For lunch they have a buffet with several different curries with different meats and vegetables, and varying degrees of spiciness.  There is also a huge pot of jasmine rice and naan bread.  I tasted the curries before I gave them to my kids because some would have been too hot.  Their favorite part was the rice with a vegetable curry, and instead of using the pistachio sauce as a sauce, they drank it as a soup.  Bowls and bowls of it. Our waiter was great, he came back to see if we needed anything quite often but he didn’t ‘bug’ us or give me dirty looks for the 3 dropped forks and large amount of rice Maybelle spilled on the floor.

We had a great time there and it offered a jumping off point for A.P. and me to talk a little bit about India.  It was about $15 total for all of us to eat because Maybelle was free and A.P. was half price.  Bombay Cuisine is at 1420 Lake Drive and the phone number is 456-7055. If you decide to step out of the normal lunch routine, give it a try!



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4 responses to “A Great Day at Bombay

  1. Colette

    I’m so glad you decided to do this …..your tremendous gift for sharing tips on our city shines through. With today’s subject, I always have to put a plug in for Partners for a Racism-Free Community for people to check out and possibly get involved in as I have done. It is a fabulous organization that has been working for over 10 years to make positive changes here in G.R. The site is http://www.prfc-gr.org if interested.

  2. We often take C out to eat there, and we are fairly well convinced that it was one of her first solid foods. Their buffet is VERY yummy, as well as most of their dinner dishes. Dinner is a bit more pricier….but when we all get something different and share ,it makes for some great left overs for tomorrow’s lunch. I like it because it’s within walking distance from our house!

  3. I would be tempted to try it but maybe not with my kids. They think rice grains are bugs. Therefore, not to be eaten. However, it sounds like a great place for a hot date with my hubby.

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