Seashell Wind Chime

windchimecraft.jpgOn Mondays I will offer a suggestion for a craft you can make with your children.  As my crafting skills are negligible, they will be very simple thus appropriate for young kids.

My family spent yesterday at the beach in Saugatuck.  It is one of my favorite beaches in the world; rarely crowded because instead of pulling up  in your car and walking right onto the beach you have to hike it through the woods for about a mile. This seems to deter quite a few people. It’s a beautiful beach with sea grass and trees in the background. 

This has put me in a ‘beachy’ mood.  The activity today is from a great website called “Preschool Rock”    

What You Will Need

8 seashells (more if you like)
Plastic margarine type container
8 twelve inch pieces of colorful yarn (one for each shell)
One long piece of yarn for hanging the chime (about 1 foot)
White glue or tape
Hole punch (or something sharp to poke holes in plastic container)
Paint, markers, stickers etc. for decorating (optional)

How to Make It

Step One:

Lay out all of the shells. Glue a piece of yarn to each shell. Help your preschooler with this for you need to use a lot of glue. This will need to dry for some time so stop and have a snack, play a game or, for best results, wait until the next day. Or if you are short on time, use tape.

Step Two: (optional) Let your preschooler decorate the container with paint, markers, stickers, or however he/she likes.Step Three:

Punch holes in the plastic container. Try to space them equally. Punch/poke a hole in the bottom of the container for hanging.

Step Four:

When you are sure that the glue has dried, let your preschooler thread each piece of yarn through a hole in the container and you tie it off.

Step Five:

Now that the shell chimes are attached, thread the piece of hanging yarn through the hole in the bottom of the container and tie off. Then, help your preschooler choose a breezy place to hang their seashell wind chime and enjoy the music!

Happy crafting!


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  1. I think I am going to make this today with the boys. They will love it. I even have all the materials! Thanks, as you know, my boys love your “craps”.

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