Here I am!

We had a wonderful family vacation in Florida and although it was hot, my kids had a great time with their cousins. They thought we were staying at a resort because my husband’s aunt and uncle have go karts and unlimited refills on Pepsi.  They’re still tired from the week so they have gone to bed early tonight which gave me time to get my blog up and running.  This will evolve and grow, and I hope you all enjoy it and share the information with your friends.

We mostly spent our time visiting with family, but we did make it to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

To be more accurate, we made it there twice.  The first time we were caught in what seemed to us to be a hurricane, but according to everyone else it was just “a good Florida rainstorm”.  I guess I will stop laughing at southerners for not being able to drive when there is 1/2 an inch of snow now because that storm stopped me in my tracks.

Anyway, this zoo was voted the Most Child Friendly Zoo in the US.  There was a splash pad within the zoo and that was great for cooling off. 

However… I submit my humble opinion that Battle Creek’s Binder Park Zoo is a better zoo all around.  The tram ride to Africa is free (it was $3 per person at Lowry) and the animal habitat as well as the displays were all around better at Binder Park. 

 Fortunately, we have a family membership at John Ball Park Zoo.

For $45, we got into Binder Park for half price and Lowry for free.  We also got into the Detroit Zoo last month for half price and into the Phoenix Zoo earlier this year for half price. 

The price of the JBP Zoo membership is my first official “Great Deal of Grand Rapids”.  Check back in with me often for many more!



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